All About the "Bored? Never!" Site

Do you hear the words “I’m Bored!” far too often in your home?

Would you like to build more fun, productivity, and memory makers into your family life?

Do you default to “lazy” options for entertainment, like turning on a video, but know that there are more valuable choices, if only you had the time and creativity to pull them together?

You want your family to have:

  • A wealth of happy memories
  • Better communication skills
  • Creativity and ambition
  • Excitement about learning new things

The old adage about parenting is very true: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Invest now in purposeful activities that will help your family mature and come close together, providing a great foundation for the future.

But how do you accomplish that in today’s insanely busy world? You need a selection of ideas and plans to help you sift through the fluff, and choose activities that will be of benefit to your family.

Help is here!

We are here to do the work for you of collecting fantastic, family friendly ideas across the age ranges that will set the stage for great family memories.

I’m thrilled that you’ve found the “Bored? Never!” site.

This is a great place to find fun and creative plans to chase boredom away and promote interest in new things!

When you visit Bored? Never! you’ll find:

  • Kid tested and approved boredom busters
  • Ways to make productivity more fun
  • Project plans and links to simplify your life
  • Reviews of activities, books and games

Get ready to build more family closeness and enthusiasm today!

You can be an anti-boredom ninja and feel great about the way your kids are spending their time!

Who knows? You may have just as much fun as your kids do!

Who’s Behind the “Bored? Never!” Site?

Hi, I’m Heather, blessed mom to ten fantastic children: five fine sons and five lovely daughters.

You read that right, my wonderful husband, Chris, and I have 10 kids!

I’ll go ahead and answer your basic questions:

  • Yes, they’re all “ours.”
  • No, we don’t have any twins.
  • My time spent Pregnant: 8.5 years & Nursing: 11+ years (so far!)
  • Yes, they are an amazing set of individual people, not just a big group.
  • No, we aren’t having another one… yet!
  • Uh huh, we can take those leftovers home and they’ll be eaten.
  • Yes, my hands are full, and my heart even fuller!

Our children’s ages span from infant through college, so I have lots of experience with seeking out interesting and productive ways to encourage learning, growth and family closeness.

Some days around my house, creativity is a survival skill. 🙂

So, are we super-human-parents? Of course not! But, I have learned some good ideas along the way, and am happy to share some of our own favorites, and new ones we discover.

I’ve found that often simple projects are the most likely to actually be used in daily life. It’s great to have an arsenal of go-to ideas ready. Minor variations from routine can bring great joy!

Other, bigger options might take more preparation, but the payoff can be very worthwhile if you are selective about which ones you do. Take into consideration the age and personality mix of your family, and customize a plan that will have a big impact.

My hope is to give you a great resource for many types of activities, to make the most of the precious moments you share with your children.

May you be able to exclaim with gusto: “Our family, Bored? Never!”

Fun Facts About Heather (and Family!)

Get to know us a little better! Maybe you’ll see something we have in common…

  1. When I was a little girl, I said I’d have 20 kids someday. Halfway there!
  2. Our family has traveled through all 48 of the contiguous U.S. states during trips to visit family and friends. We love road trips!
  3. I enjoy being tall, but sometimes envy the inherent femininity of petite women.
  4. Our kids make stocking stuffers for each other every year, as a simple way to gift something that is “just from me” without breaking the bank.
  5. Procrastination is a vice of mine. I’ve spent many a late night finishing up something that could/should have been done earlier. Good thing I’m a night owl!
  6. I met my (American) husband during a study-abroad program overseas, when he transferred to my school for one semester. We grew up on opposite coasts of the U.S., and went to college thousands of miles apart. Had to travel to meet!
  7. I’m a second-generation homeschooler; my mom taught my brother and I at home back before it was “popular.”
  8. A few years ago, both sets of grandparents moved to our town, and into our house. So the total head count when everyone is home is 15 people!
  9. My plans and schedules always look better on paper than in reality, and the clutter monster frequently invades our home…
  10. I’m introverted. Love people, but recharge in the down time. Have to work to find down time in this house!